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the brain sank to the base of the skull, Cheap Zenegra on which it rested, and the fluid accumulated mainly over the surface of the hemispheres, in a layer averaging about 5 mm. in thickness. To determine whether, as maintained by M. Luys, the brain left the base of the skull when the attitude was changed, he had opened the cranium at the base, instead of Zenegra 50 at the vault; having opened the spinal canal, and so arranged the meninges that the cerebro- spinal fluid could not escape, he had caused tlie subject to rest on the vault of the cranium, and, after removing the face and exposing the base of the skull, he had made little openings in the roof of the orbit, and then at the level of the sphenoidal fosssB ; and, no matter what the attitude might be, the brain did not leave the base of the cranium until the cerebro-spinal fluid was drawn off. MIN OR PARA GRAPES. THE PASSENGER SHIP MEDICAL SERVICE BILL. We are informed that the bill has been so amended by the committee having it in charge as to require the sanitary reports of medical ofticers to be made to the Port Physician or Health Officer of the port of entry, as a necessary prerequisite for the granting of pratique. It was very pertinently suggested at the recent meeting of the American Medical Association that a sanitary report made to the captain or master alone would never leave his ofiice, and that one made to the owners of a vessel, if condemnatory, would merely lead to the surgeon's dis- charge. The amended bill also provides a more serious penalty than a fine of two or three hundred dollars, which would be a mere bagatelle to a wealthy corporation. THE SOCIAL ELEMENT AT THE WASHINGTON MEETING. A RESIDENT of Washington Writes to us as follows: "The usual disgraceful performances took place at the receptions. Mrs. L. generously opened her beautiful house, and provided as fine a table as Demenet could serve. She was rewarded by having men stalk in (hats on their heads) from the front room to the dining-room, where they fought like wolves for places at the tables, overturning piles of plates, breaking her expensive ornameuts, and soiling her rugs with pools of tobacco-jiiiee." We all know that a small army of hangers-on attend the meetings of the American Medical Association, and that most of these fellows manage to get cards admitting them to the receptions, where their boorishness tends to bring the associa- tion into discredit. In view of these facts, it seems to us that the interest of the profession would be furthered if measures were taken to put a stop to the admission of these interlopers. THE INDISCRIMINATE SALE OF POISONS. We have frequently called attention to the unwarrantable and dangerous freedom with which poisons of various sorts were to be had by the public. We learn from Dr. F. E. Daniel, ot the "Texas Courier-Record of Medicine," who introduced most commendable resolutions bearing upon the subject at the recent meeting of the American Medical Association, that Dr. Henry F. Campbell, the new president of the association, told him at the meeting that he was himself cognizant of a great number of cases of stricture of the esophagus due to swallowing "con- centrated Zenegra 100 lye," a preparation which is to be had by any pur- chaser. It was toward restricting the sale of this preparation and that of the domestic potash ball that Dr. Daniel's resolu- tions were directed. A KNOWING WITNESS. At a recent trial in this city a medical " expert " was ex- amined Zenegra Online in regard to certain points in neurology. In Zenegra 100 Mg the cross- examination he was asked if he recognized a particular book as authority in the matter, and the question was repeated in regard to another book, and tlien another. His answers were to the efiect that he Zenegra 100mg was familiar with all the books mentioned, and that they were authorities on the matters alluded to. The medical witness was then allowed to leave the stand, and the lawyer's clerk was sworn, who testified that the titles of the works in question were fictitious, having been concocted in the law office to which he was attached. LUSK'S "MIDWIFERY" IN SPANISH. The " Revista de Zenegra Uk Medicina y Cirugia Practicas," one of the- best of the Buy Zenegra Spanish medical journals, follows the policy of fur- nishing the profession with separate monthly publications, in book form, for a small annual payment. They have the advan- tage over the " libraries " published in this country that the in- dividual monthly parts m.ay be bought. The February issue consists of the first 176 pages of an excellent translation of Pro- fessor Lusk's " Midwifery." The print is very clear and agreea- ble, and the illustrations, although not so well executed as those of the American edition, are fair. NEWS ITEMS, ETC. Infectious Diseases in New Yoek. — We are indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the following statement of cases and deaths reported during the two weeks ending May 20, 1884 :

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