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abdomen. Dr. Drysdale assured him that the fluid was not ovarian, but, after the examination of the last specimen. Dr. Sims, still doubting, determined to operate, and found a uterine fibro-cyst. The history and all the characteristics of the tumor described this evening were ovarian, and the specimen and autopsy were not sufficient to establish the diagnosis of uterine cyst. Dr. B. F. Baer remarked that the specimen seemed to be a section of a fibroma arising from the uterus, but it was too small to be satisfactory or to prove its origin. His personal experi- ence had taught him the diagnostic value of the Drysdale cor- puscle. When Dr. Formad reported finding this cell in the fluid removed from an abdominal tumor, be felt strengthened in his diagnosis of ovarian cyst. He had not trusted to the cell alone, but had been greatly influenced by its presence or absence Thorazine 25 Mg in making a diagnosis in doubtful Chlorpromazine Thorazine cases. In every instance in which Dr. Formad had reported finding the ovarian cell, opera- tion had proved the tumor to have been of ovarian origin. He would like to ask Dr. Drysdale if he still considered the cell pathognomonic. Dr. Drtsdale still believed in tbe pathognomonic value of the ovarian cell. Purchase Thorazine In his investigations he had met with but one exception to the rule, and that was in renal cysts. To prove that the cell could Thorazine 10 Mg be relied on to establish a diagnosis, he would give one or two instances where it was impossible to do this except by its aid. In a review, by Dr. Harris, of the " Transac- tions of the American Thorazine Iv Gynecological Society," in the " Ameri- can Journal of the Medical Buy Thorazine Online Sciences," would be found this state- ment : " On one occasion Professor D. Hayes Agnew gave Dr. Drysdale a fluid for examination, in which he found the charac- teristic cell. Upon stating to Dr. Agnew what he had found, he was told that the fluid had been taken from the abdominal cav- ity ; upon which ho immediately said Thorazine Online that the fluid must have escaped from an ovarian cyst, for it was ovarian. In this ho was correct, Thorazine 50 Mg as the cyst had a small hole in it, as if made with a punch, and the fluid had escaped as claimed." In another case Dr. Drysdale received a letter from Professor Matthew D. Mann, of Buftalo, Thorazine Bipolar N. Y., with a specimen of fluid consisting of eight or ten drops, which the doctor stated was all that he could obtain by aspiration. The tuu)or had been diagnosticated by other surgeons as a uterine fibroma, and Thorazine Chlorpromazine consisted of a large solid mass which filled the pelvis and abdomen as high as the umbilicus. The history and symptoms all pointed to a uterine fibroid, and tlie patient was in such a precarious condition that an explora- May 17, 1884.] MISCELLANY. 667 tory operation was considered unjustifiable. An examination of the fluid by Dr. Drysdale showed the presence of the orarian cell. This determined Dr. Mann to operate. He found two ovarian tumors, which he removed successfully, and the patient recovered. " Without the microscope no certain diagnosis could have been made except by resorting to an exploratory incision." These cases, and he could give many others like them, were suf- ficient to show the diagnostic value of tlie cell. Dr. Beatbs remarked that it was a matter of extreme regret to him Purchase Thorazine Online that Dr. Drysdale did not have an opportunity of ex- amining the fluid ; it was due to the fact that the neoplasm was regarded as ovarian, and the specimens of fluid were not pre- served. At the autopsy the growth was presumed to have arisen from the left ovary, Buy Thorazine and none of the fluid was kept. Buy Cheap Thorazine Later study Order Thorazine Online of the specimen disclosed the amygdaloid mass situ- ated in an atrophied membranous structure, closely approxi- mated to the uterus. The microscopic examination of this de- termined its ovarian character to the mind of Dr. Formad, which conclusion dissipated a doubt in Dr. Beates's mind and confirmed his belief of its being the left ovary. He thoroughly appreciated the strong probability of error in positively diag- nosticating by differentiation the Drysdale corpuscle from simi- lar bodies, as the Thorazine Uses pyoid body of Lebert, but the facts that treat- ment with acetic acid only had the effect of rendering the whole corpuscle very slightly clearer and disclosed no nucleus, tliat ether added to the fluid, the mixture being thoroughly agitated for several minutes, had tlie effect of simply rendering tha cor- puscle paler, convinced him that the bodies were the corpuscles in question. There was, by very extended experience, devel- oped Generic Thorazine a capacity to differentiate by a varying degree of opacity. Dr. Formad believed these Thorazine 100 Mg corpuscles to be those of Drysdale. The striking phenomenon, if this were an ovarian cyst, was in the fact that primarily it was purely cystic, typically so, and that during the last year of its existence the cyst-wall throughout its posterior seven eighths assumed a myomatous development. If this did not occur, the myomatous wall must have originated at the fundus uteri and gradually permeated the cyst. Either of these processes was almost incredible and certainly excep- tional. The true nterine origin must not be forgotten. That a proper conception of the tumor might be formed, it should be compared to a large pumpkin with a wall varying in thickness from one to three inches. For an aria of about nine square inches at the umbilical region the Thorazine 200 Mg ordinary cyst-like structure formed, as it were, a drumhead. This wall was not fibromatous, but purely myomatous. Dr. Goodell had Order Thorazine seen this patient, and diagnosticated the tumor as ovarian. HiPEKTEOPniED Uterine Mucous Membrane. — Dr. Baer exhibited a specimen, and related the case.

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