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Ressein; Certain Accidents of Growth— the Osteo-myelitides (Growth-Fevers), by Mrs. Agnes Lowry; Intestinal Haemor- rhages in Typhoid Fever, by Miss Isabel Lowry ; Lupus and its Relations with Scrofula and Tuberculosis, by M. Renouard ; On a New Theory of the Cheyne-Stokes Respiratory Phenomenon, by M. Piaggio : Paralyses of the Sciatic Nerve of Pelvic Origin (their Pathology), by M. Dorcon ; A Contribution to the Study of Ocular Affections due to Small-pox, by M. Tourneux. The " Archives of P.i:DiATRi08," heretofore published by its editor. Dr. W. P. Watson, of Jersey City, is to be issued in the future from the New York oflSce of Messrs. J. E. Potter & Co., of Philadelphia. This change must be taken as a sign of the prosperity of the " Archives." The New York Polyclinic— Dr. Thomas A. McBride has been elected a professor of diseases of the mind and nervous system. We congratulate the school on the fitness of this selection. The French Association fob the Advancement of the Sciences will hold its thirteenth annual meeting at Blois, from the 4th to the 11th of September, 1884. Professor, according to the Generic Salmeterol " Union m6di- cale," has been made an officer of the Legion of Honor. The College of Physicians and Surgeons held its seventy- seventh annual commencement at Steinway Hall on Tuesday afternoon, the 13th inst. The new president. Professor John C. Dalton, occupied the chair for the first time on such an occa- Buy Cheap Salmeterol sion. The Rev. Sullivan H. Weston, D. D., ofliciated as the chaplain of the college, and the Rev. Generic Serevent Howard Crosby, D. D., delivered the address to the graduating class. The degree in medicine was conferred upon one hundred and five gentlemen. Dr. W. H. Draper, the pnsident of the Alumni Association, announced the award of the alunmi prize of $.500 to Dr. Moses Allen Starr, of the class of 1880. Dr. John G. Curtis, the sec- retary of the faculty, announced the awards of the Harsen prizes and the faculty prizes. Purchase Serevent Online The Medical Society of North Carolina will hold its thirty-first annual meeting at Raleigh on Tuesday, the 20th inst At the same time and place the State Board of Buy Salmeterol Medical Buy Cheap Serevent Examin- ers will examine applicants for license. The American Laryngological Association. — The sixth annual session was held in New York on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, and the programme announced in our last issue was substantially gone tlirough with. The papers, with the discussions upon them, will be published in full in this journal. The following-named gentlemen were elected ofticers for the ensuing year: Dr. E. L. Shurley, of Detroit, president; Dr. J. H. Hartnian, of Baltimore, vice-president; Dr. Will- iam H. Daly, of Pittsburgh, second vice-president; Dr. D. Bry- 556 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. [N. Y. Mbd. Joue., son Delavan, of New York, secretary and treasurer ; Dr. Thomas Buy Serevent R. French, of Brooklyn, librarian ; Dr. Frank Donaldson, of Buy Salmeterol Online Baltimore, and Dr. F. II. Bosvvortli, of New York, new Order Salmeterol members of the council. The next meeting will be held at the call of the council. The New Lahoratory Building for the Bellevue Hospi- tal Medical College will be begun on the 7th of June, and it is expected that it will be completed late in the autumn. It is to consist of a front and rear section, Order Serevent connected with each other by a corridor. The front section will be devoted to laborato- ries, while the rear section will contain a large auditorium, to seat four hundred students, together with the museum and the Order Salmeterol Online library. Light-shafts will be arranged in the corridor. The museum is to contain specimens in pathological anatomy, for microscopical sections and for demonstrations in the class-room and the laboratory. The library will be devoted to hooks, pamphlets, and periodicals relating to pathological anatomy and histology, and it is intended to make it the most complete of its kind in the country. The faculty-room, the private rooms, and the lavatories will be arranged on the first flour. The stairs will be twelve feet wide. There will be accommodations in the cellar for the animals kept for experimental purposes, in- cluding a frog-pood, dog-kennels, and Purchase Salmeterol pens for rabbits, guinea- pigs, Buy Serevent Online etc. Here also there will Purchase Serevent be a crematory. We are glad to learn that subscriptions for the necessary funds are coming in satisfactorily, the sum of $5,000 having been given for appa- ratus alone. As we mentioned Purchase Salmeterol Online last week, the site of the build- ing is to be in East Twenty-sixth Street, near First Avenue. The New York Cancer Hospital. — The corner-stone of the hospital building will be laid this afternoon, Saturday, May 17th, at four o'clock. The site purchased for the hospital is a plot of ground, 180.^200 feet iu dimensions, on Eighth Avenue, between 105th and 106th Streets, facing the Central Park. We under- stand that the work will proceed rapidly. The fund, including Mr. John Jacob Astor's handsome gift of $200,000, now amounts Order Serevent Online to $375,000. A Female Medical Missionary. — Miss Sarah L. Weintraub, a native of Jerusidem, and a graduate of the Women's Medical College, of Philadelphia, left the country recently, for the pur-

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