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TnAT figment of the imagination, the physical degeneracy of the American people, is a favorite topic with many well- meaning persons, and, although we can not help thinking that their uniform success in showing, all unconsciously, the fallacy of the assumption with which they set out is owing to their having thought robaxin 500 of the subject superficially and from a preju- diced point of view, it must be admitted that the practical suggestions they are moved to make, with a view to avoid the continued action of the causes that they fancy to be keeping up the process they have pictured to themselves, are often of the greatest value. With writings that seem to be open to this robaxin 500mg tablets interpretation we must class a pamphlet, by Dr. John Ellis, entitled "Deteri- oration of the Puritan Stock, and its Causes." The author rests his inference as to the physical degeneration of the native population of Ma.ssachusetts chiefly on the comparative infe- cundity of the women— a circumstance which his own argu- ments go far to show to bo wholly unconnected with degen- eracy robaxin canada of a physical sort, even if wo were to accept fecundity as the touchstone of vigor. This non sequitur, however, does not in the least detract from the wbolesomeness of Dr. Ellis's arraignment of the women of Massachusetts (or, for that mat- tor, of both the women and robaxin mg the men of other parts of the country) for their neglect of the most obvious rules of generic robaxin correct living from a physical point of view. The reader who can make allowance for the irrelevance of this much of the argu- ment, and can also stomach the long digression bearing upoj the teachings of Swedenborg, will be both instructed and prof- ited by studying the pamphlet. THE AMERICAN LARYNGOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. Last year we expressed our high appreciation of the Asso- ciation's meeting for the year 1883, and now we have to chroni- cle another annual gathering tbat may fairly be said to have been equally profitable. More papers were prepared for the meeting than for any other which the Association has held- except that of last year, and the papers were of generic for robaxin a high order of merit. We are happy purchase robaxin to be able to announce to our readers that, by an arrangement with the Association, we shall publish all of them in full, together with the discussions. Besides the formal papers, a great number of new instruments were pre- sented, and they were of unusual merit, showing decided in- genuity and originality of design. It was thought that a new nomenclature would be presented for discussion, but it was not brought robaxin generic up. Important as such a matter is, and interesting as it is to laryngologists, if anything had to be omitted, it was cer- tainly wise to let the nomenclature robaxin 750 mg lie over. Apart from its scientific aspect, it is gratifying to learn that the material interests of the Association are in a satisfactory condition, the financial statement robaxin 1000 mg having shown that the organi- zation was free from debt. Although the meetings are not held at any one fixed place, the Association has robaxin euphoria a library, and is making an effort to collect the literature pertaining to laryn- gology. It may be within the power and the inclination of many of our readers to aid in this undertaking, and we are assured that any robaxin high gifts to the library, either in the form of books, of pamphlets, or of periodicals devoted to the specialty, will be thankfully received. They may be sent to the librarian, Dr. Thomas R. French, No. 469 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn. MINOR PARAGRAPHS. A "COLLECTIVE INVESTIGATION" BY THE STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. A QUESTION of great practical moment often arises after the recovery of a patient from an attack of one robaxin 550 mg of the infectious dis- eases, that, namely, of the length of time that must elapse be- fore it is safe to allow the convalescent to go about .igain among the people at large — in other words, when the robaxin generic name patient robaxin brand name per se, setting aside the consideration of the matter of fomites, ceases to be capable of conveying the infection. We are glad to see that robaxin 75 mg the secretary of the Slate Board of Health, who finds that local health otficors and school trustees robaxin 750 are often puzzled by the question, has issued a circular letter of inquiry to a number of prominent hospital physicians and teachers, asking them to give the board the results of their observation of facts bearing upon the question as robaxin 500 mg regards small -pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles, whooping-cough, and typhus. In view of the groat practical utility of such an inquiry, we trust that those whom the secretary has addressed will respond May 17, 1884.] MINOR PARAGRAPHS. 555 promptly and fully to his queries; and it seems to us desirable, indeed, that some discussion robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer of the matter should be had also in a more public way than would be involved in the mere rela- tion of personal experience in the shape of communications to

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