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The chromatized catgut is kept dry in a box, with a little powdered iodoform, and, when laid in the carbolic or mercuric solution just before the operation, is pliable enough for use after fifteen or twenty minutes. The horse-hair makes an admirable suture as its smooth, non-absorbent surface makes it perfectly unirritating, and, where there is no special tension on the wound's lips, no better could be devised. If deep approximation be desired, a few deep sutures of the antiseptic silk, or silver wire, with firm and equable compression in the final dressing, give the best online priligy results. The drainage-tubes used are the ordinary rubber ones of priligy price the shops, or those you will see in the generic priligy tray, made of the long bones of the chicken or turkey. Those exhibited were made by myself after Deakin's plan, which consists in first boiling the bones well, and then steeping them in a mixture of one part of hydrochloric acid and two of water for ten hours, then washing, cleaning out, and trimming up order priligy online with scissors, after which they are boiled in a five-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid, and kept for use in the bichloride solution. So prepared, they will last in a wound for four or five days, and are usually never seen again, if the dressing be retained for a longer period, as they soften and are absorbed. The gauze bandages are each five yards long, and are simply strips cut and rolled (with antiseptic hands) from a similar dressing to that which occupies the lower tray. After rolling, they are wr.apped in waxed p.apor and kept for use in the tray. The naphthalinated gauze comes in five-yard rolls, which are about three feet wide, is packed in air-tight dapoxetine online tin boxes, and can be obtained, with everything else needed for prac- tical antisepsis, from C. .Vm Ende, 268 Washington Street, lloboken. It is made after a formula originating with priligy cost Dr. Fowler, and has, so far, answered the purposes to which I have ap- plied it better than any other form of dressing I have used. To purchase priligy illustrate the use of the materials enumerated, I will imagine their application to a case of ordinary severity; for instance, one of strangulated hernia. An operation having been determined upon, the surgeon May 17, dapoxetine india 1884.] ROCKWELL: ANTISEPTIC SURGERY IN PRIVATE PRACTICE. 645 procures from the family two pitchers, two shallow dishes, a dapoxetine purchase basin, and a tumbler. In one pitcher the mercuric solution purchase priligy online is made by adding 111 XXX from the graduated phial to every two tuniblerfuls of water poured in. A cork label is thrown into the solution, preventing any awkward dapoxetine hydrochloride confusion or blackening buy priligy online of instru- ments during the operation. In the other pitcher dapoxetine buy a five-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid is made by adding order priligy from the proper phial three heaping teaspoonfuls to every two tumblerfuls of water. A label is also thrown into this pitcher, and from these two sources of supply the other preparations are rapidly made. The instruments required are selected and laid in one of the dishes, in the other the sponges, and upon each a suffi- cient quantity of the five-per-cent. carbolic solution buy cheap priligy is poured ; to this is then added an equal amount of water, thus reduc- ing the solutions to the proper strength of two and a half per cent. The surgeon's hands are now thoroughly washed, and rinsed in the five-per-cent. solution, and the nail-brush brought into requisition, his assistants, who are to pass sponges or instruments, taking the same precautions. The parts dapoxetine in india in the vicinity of the proposed wound are now washed and the hair shaved off, after which a thorough application of one of the solutions is made; the surgeon rinses his hands again iu the five-per-cent. solution, and proceeds with the opera- tion. This is done without spray, and even the rule in re- gard to always returning instruments to the solution when not in use may be partially neglected, the surgeon laying instruments constantly required on a napkin or a towel wrung out of the five-per-cent. solution and buy priligy laid conven- iently to his hand. This must, however, be kept damp, and used as little as possible, since priligy tablets the habit of laying instru- ments down anywhere but in an antiseptic fluid is a bad one and fraught with evil results. The operation cheap priligy concluded, all oozing is carefully checked, and the hands of the surgeon rapidly cleansed in the five-per-cent. solution. The irrigator is now used by filling its tube from the funnel-end and im- jnersing it in the mercuric solution ; an assistant holds the pitcher near the operator, and the wound is carefully and thoroughly cleansed. If, on stopping the irrigation, all hsemorrhage is found to have ceased, its lips are brought together with horse-hair sutures, and, if possible, without the use of drainage-tubes. (These are, I believe, by no means

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