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Meeting Nizoral Hair Loss of April 2, ISSJ,. Criticisms, riio.M a CnEMicAi, Point of View, on some Favorite Prescriptions. — Dr. Henry Leffmann read the fol- lowing paper: The few points that I present to the college Nizoral Price this evening will include little that is absolutely new, but I think the time will not bo entirely wasted, as I know that Nizoral Hair Growth the prescription list of most of our drug-stores will give numerous examples of the violation of chemical principles here mentioned. My attention was called to this topic by my being shown by an apothecary a prescription calling foi- — Syr. hypophosph., Tine, ferri chlor.. Acid, phosp. dil. ; concerning which he said that in the proportions ordered he could never make the mixture up clear. I examined the pre- cipitate, and found in it, as I had expected, a large Nizoral Hairloss proportion of the iron and other basic ingredients. This is a simide case of incompatibility. Turning the matter over in my mind, it has seemed to me that, while some attention is paid to caution- ing students as to the general nature of incompatibility, very little or none is given, especially in the shallow chemical teach- ing of many medical schools, to the properties and qualities of chemical substances in their relations to the animal tissues, and the manner of administration. I present here, therefore, a brief consideration of Nizoral Tablet a few well-known remedies. Under the name oi colorless tincture of iodine several prepa- rations are used, depending for their popularity on Oral Nizoral Nizoral 200 the fact that they Hair Loss Nizoral do not stain the skin. They are prepared by the use either of ammonia or of sodium sulphite or hyposidphite. They owe their particular property, or rather absence of property, to the neutralization of the iodine, and just to the extent "that the iodine is decolorized is it to the same extent deprived of virtue. The free, active affinity of the iodine, to which its local action must be due, is Nizoral Oral destroyed in these preparations, and the destruc- tion is not slow or uncertain, but in two of the methods men- tioned it is sufliciently rapid and definite to be made the basis of a method of quantitative imalysis. It is certainly dittieult to see how any person could go so wide of simple chemical princi- ples as to invent or employ this mixture. Potassium chlorate, or, as it is still erroneously called by many, chlorate of potash, is a remedy concerning which ex- traordinary claims have been made, based upon most erroneous notions of its chemical (jualities. It is employed in the labora- tory as a source of oxygen ; knowledge of this fact has led to its employment as an oxidizing agent in diseases whieli have been supposed to express deficient oxidation. I have nothing to say hei'e as to the clinical results obtained from potassium chlorate in any disease, although I believe it is much less in favor than Ketoconazole Nizoral formerly; but I enter a protest against any advocacy of its usefulness as an oxidizing agent. Under temperatures and conditions such as it meets with in the human system, it is one of the stable of bodies, does not part with its oyxgen or chlorine, and, indeed, will not begin to do so except under very high Nizoral 200mg heat. I have found, by actual experiment, that ten Nizoral Ketoconazole grains of the salt kept for two hours at a temperature of 100° F. in contact with an artificial gastric juice did not develop oxidzing qualities sufficient to oxidize one sixtieth of a grain of phos- phorus. This experiment is merely confirmatory of what every- day experience with the substance teaches. Potassium permanganate has been more or less in favor with physicians for a score of years. It is well known as an oxidiz- ing agent; its powers in this respect are well marked. It is as little suitable for internal administration for such purpose as the body just considered, but for an opposite reason. Its chemical properties are developed by almost every substance, and in the doses in Nizoral Buy which it is given it Nizoral 2 will Nizoral India be decomposed and rendered inert very shortly after being swallowed. Within a very recent period the salt has Nizoral Hair come into notice as a remedy for amenor- rhcea, and great has been the tribulation of apothecaries. It has been given in pill form, and all the usual excipients have been unavailable. I have made a few tests of the permanganate pills now in the market, and I find, with regard to those made by one of the most reliable houses in this city, that the permanganate is all decomposed and converted into the insoluble manganese dioxide. The preparsitions of two other manufacturers, made up with some mineral excipient, probably kaolin, were in good condition, but, as soon as placed in a mixture of hydrochloric acid and pepsin, they began to decompose into insoluble man- ganese oxide. These pills vary in strength from Nizoral Tablets one 2 Nizoral eighth to one grain ; this small quantity of permanganate certainly must soon decompose in the stomach, and the only virtue which it can have is from the manganese itself, and, if this is effective, common sense would seem to suggest that Nizoral 1 the result could be best obtained by exhibiting some definite compound of manga- nese—such as the chloride or sulphate. When we consider the chemical relations of the salt, and the .almost certain inertness of it in small doses, the gravity with which the learned English therapeutists, who recommended it in amenorrhcea, have dis- cussed the possibility of its producing abortion becomes almost burlesque. I do not desire, of course, to impugn the clinical observations that have been recorded on this point, but I feel obliged to say that, if the insoluble and variable decomposition products of one eighth of a grain of potassium permanganate can afl'ect the function of any one organ, then the difference be- tween us and the apostles of the infinitesimal is small indeed. I can not dismiss these two compounds, which owe their popularity to mistaken notions of their properties, without say- ing a word or two iis to the exhibition of oxidizing .igents. If rational therapeutics or physiological study indicates remedies

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