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edge should be open to all its members. We were all entitled to the Is There A Generic For Micardis benefits derived from associated investigations. Outside organizations on special subjects would detract from the inter- May 10, 1884.] PROGEEDINOS OF SOCIETIES. 529 est and advantages of our meetings, and the younger members, neglecting the general subject of medicine, dazzled by the ap- parent brilliancy of a select few, would wander forth to ulti- mately destroy their own usefulness. Micardis Plus 40 Mg The American Medical Association was the representative body of the medical profes- sion of this country, and had Micardis Plus 80 Mg been organized and conducted by gentlemen who had grown gray in its service, and whose brows were adorned with chaplets most worthily won, not only at home but abroad. It was Micardis Mycard for Micardis Mycard Program them and for their fellow-mem- bers to control the means of disseminating our science, and not for a few, who, at best, formed but a spoke in the wheel of the triumphant chariot of our science. Our young men should learn that knowledge must come to them by the co-operation of their professional brethren from all parts of our country rather than from a few, who, in their exclusiveness, set themselves above the active members of the greatest and most humanitarian of all professions. HoNORAET Members. — Dr. Watsfoed and Dr. Steens, dele- gates from the Canadian Medical Association, were made hon- orary members of the Association, Micardis Substitute and invited to take seats on the platform. The Address in Obstetrics. — The chairman of the section in obstetrics and diseases of women, Dr. T. A. Reamt, of Cin- cinnati, said that he would depart from the usual custom of giving a review of progress in the department, and would refer the members to current literature for the same. He read notes of 231 cases of laceration of the cervix uteri in which he had operated. Six of the operations had been followed by para- metritis, perimetritis, or peritonitis. In 2 the symptoms were sufficiently severe to Micardis Telmisartan 80 Mg cause material delay in recovery, and one patient was confined to bed for three months. All finally re- covered. In 170 cases the laceration was bilateral, in 30 uni- lateral. Of the latter, 23 were on the left side and 5 on the right side; 16 were stellate, in two of which there were four distinct lacerations. In 5 cases there was laceration of the pos- terior lip only, in 2 of the anterior lip only. In 80 cases the laceration was extensive. In 15 jof the 80 the laceration ex- tended to the cervico-vaginal junction on both sides ; in 23 Micardis Generic Equivalent of the bilateral cases it extended to the cervico-vaginal junction on one side only. In 3 cases the rent extended to the internal os. In one of these cases the vaginal wall was also extensively lacerated, and the peritoneal cavity had probably been opened. The patient had been an invalid for three years. Generic Micardis Hct Twelve sutures were required on one side. The patient was restored to robust health within six months after the operation. lu 167 cases a perineal operation Micardis Hct 40mg 12.5mg was done. The anal sphincter was damaged in 15 cases; in 7 the recto-vaginal septum was opened up. In 26 cases he operated upon the cervix and the perineal body at the same sitting. In 5 Buy Micardis Hct of this series of cases he curetted the uter- ine canal at the same sitting. In none of the 5 cases did a sin- gle bad symptom arise. In 50 cases he operated upon the peri- nieum subsequent to the operation upon the cervix. In not a single case did secondary hsemorrhage occur after trachelor- rhaphy. Hsemorrhage during the operation was controlled by a stream of hot water. In only three cases was he under the necessity of using forceps. He had dispensed with sponges. He emphasized the importance of allowing free bleeding in most cases after denuding the surface. He Micardis Plus 80 25 Mg practiced thorough denudation, cutting out all cicatricial tissue, and allowed free bleeding — points which were important in overcoming subinvo- lution. The form of delivery had been learned in only a few of the cases. In his opinion, the influence of laceration of the cervix in producing cancer had never been fully comprehended by Generic For Micardis Hct any author. Dr. Emmet deplored the extent to which the operation was being done, but Dr. Reamy thought without just cause. AVith regard to the influence of the operation on ste- rility, Micardis Hct Generic he knew of thirteen cases in which conception had oc- curred subsequent to the operation, delivery taking place at term. He had attended six of the patients in subsequent labor, and in none was there a fresh laceration. He believed the operation favored fertility and often cured sterility. In but two cases had it proved a failure, and in each of these its repe- tition was successful. In performing the operation the cervix should not be drawn down farther than could be avoided. Out- line the denudation with Micardis 80 Mg Price a sharp knife, and cut the tissues in- Micardis 40 Mg Price cluded within the line with sharp scissors. He employed a needle shaped nearly like half a circle, with a very sharp point, Micardis Plus 80 12.5 Mg armed with Chinese silk. The sutures were not cut ofif, but allowed to hang out, extending nearly to the vulva, for easy extraction. Micardis Telmisartan 40 Mg The vagina was washed out immediately after the operation with the return-current syringe, the nurse washed the vagina with warm carbolized water within an hour after the operation, and the syringe was not employed Micardis Alternatives again for six days. The paper was referred to the section in obstetrics. Dr. Frederick Hokneb, a delegate from the Virginia State Medical Society, read some resolutions, but they were declared

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