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Tub President's Address. — The President, Dr. Austin Flint, of New York, then proceeded to read his address, in which he referred to the natal period of the existence of the American Medical Association, and considered the reasons why it was founded and the reasons for its continued existeuce. He (juoted from certain chapters setting forth the objects of the association, and then dwelt at more or less length upon each of them respectively. In ju-oof of the progress of medicine, he pointed to the part recently shown to be played by germs in the production of disease, and, quoting from an address of Pro- fessor Huxley's, said he would so alter the author's statement as to read : It is cost of maxalt to be hoped that means will be found to destroy morbific agents outside the body, thereby securing maxalt cost prevention of disease, and that a means will be found to effect a destruc- tion maxalt tablets of these agents within the body, thereby arresting the coui-se of disease. With regard to the elevation of the standard of medical education, he thought more had been done than seemed com- monly to be supposed, and quoted from the work done and the recommendations made at difleront times by the comniiitee on this subject. The order maxalt online President spoke of the importance of a closer union of didactic with clinical teaching, of increased demon- strative instruction in certain branches of medicine — such as histology, the ])liysioal maxalt mlt price exploration of the lungs, heart, etc. — and of allowing maxalt 5 mg maxalt rpd 10 more time for oral recitations. One of the most important matters in attempts to elevate the standard of medical education maxalt rpd 10mg related to the preliminary requisites for entering upon tlie study of medicine. Among the requisites which had been recommended was some knowledge of Latin and Greek, and the President thought that no exception could be taken to such a recommendation as it related to medicine ; but, if one were about to enter upon the study of arts, or certain other educa- tional courses, he thought the time spent in learning Greek and cheap maxalt Latin might better be devoted to French and German. is there a generic for maxalt The l)ractical question was, he repeated, What could the association do toward advancing the medical i)rofession,aud, before replying, ho thought it would be proi)er to speak of what it was best not to do. It was not desirable to depreciate medical education in this country as compared with medical teaching and professional standing in other countries. As to the mnnuer of medical instruc- tion, he thought it more practical in many respects in this coun- try than in Europe. Sweeping charges of venality and incom- jictence against medical schools maxalt mlt coupon were also improper. There was but little ground for the iiccusation that medical colleges resorted to disreputable means for obtaining stadeots. There were ad- vantages and disadvantages connected with the necessity for self-support on the part of medical colleges. Some of the evils complained of might be obviated by unity of action on the part of the medical profession throughout the country. Suppose that i)rivate preceptors recommended their pupils only to responsible schools, and that physicians received as pupils only those who, before entering upon the collegiate course, had received proper preliminary education. Let the National Association take the initiative step, and let it and local and State societies work together and obtain uniform action in bringing about an improvement in medical education. But it should not be expected that all desired improvements could maxalt canada he effected at once. Dr. Flint briefly referred to the subject of boards of medical examiners, and, without discussing their ad- vantages or disadvantages in full, pointed out a few of the in- trinsic objections to them. With regard to the third object of the association, the pro- motion of the usefulness, maxalt melt the honor, the interests, etc., of the medical profession, he would confine maxalt melts his remarks to medical ethics. He spoke of the good influence which the code had had upon the minds of the profession, and quoted from the addresses of several of the ex-presidents. The Medical Society of the State of New York had taken precipitate action in changing it." code of ethics, the portion of the national code which had been specially objected to relating to consultations with irregular practitioners. The interpretation of certain parts of the code at different periods price of maxalt seemed to vary more or less, although its in- trinsic mora! worth ever buy maxalt online remained the same. With regard to the meaning of the terra irregular practitioner. Dr. Flint thought it should not be interpreted to mean one who might maxalt melt 10mg entertain exclusive ideas regarding certain matters in medicine, but rather one who adopted a sectarian name, maxalt mlt tablets as homoeopath, eclectic, etc. It might prove hazardous to tamper with the code of ethics; but he thmaxalt mlt generic irregidar prac- titioners, and he would approve of its being stated that those who adopted a sectarian name should be excluded from fellow- ship with the regular profession. As to that object of the asso- ciation relating to the means for directing public ojunion with re- gard to the profession, etc., let it be understood that there could be no antagonism between " humanity " and medical ethics. He recommended that the members take sjiecial interest in the sectional work, and also spoke of the advantages of the so- cial features of the meetings. In this connection be recom- mended that steps be taken to have the International Medical Congress meet in this country in 1887. This recommendation had also been suggested or concui'red in in letters which he had received from several gentlemen, among others Professor Samuel D. Gross, of Philadelphia, who was ])revented from attending the meeting on account of serious illness. Dr. Flint took occa- sion here to pay a graceful tribute to this eminent surgeon. Dr. Kisi.ocK being in the chair. Dr. Toner, of Washington, moved that a vote of thanks be tendered the President for his able address, and that it be requested for (lublication. Carried.

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