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SiK Price Of Macrobid : As the impression seems to be more or less prevalent that the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital has abandoned the care of cancer, we deem it desirable to have the error cor- rected. The aim of the institution from tlie first Generic For Macrobid has been to undertake the study and treatment of this disease, and over one third of the Buy Macrobid Online beds have, from the opening of the present buOd- ing, been set apart for this purpose. A tract of land of nearly one hundred and fifty acres has recently been secured just beyond the city line, and the plans for cottage pavilions have already been drawn. Buy Macrobid It is proposed to erect some of these at once, and to Macrobid Generic add to the number as they may be required, so as to afford unlimited accommodations for each and every case of cancer requiring assistance. Both early cases for operation are received and those which are chronic and hopeless. Our city hospital. No. 243 East Thirty-fourth Sti-eet, will still be continued, and clinics are held there as follows : Skin clinics every afternoon from two to four o'clock. Special clinics for cancer every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Generic Name For Macrobid and Saturday, at the same hour. L. D. BULKLET, M. D., Geoege Henry Fox, M. D. J. E. Janvrin, M. D., R. F. Weir, M. D., E. L. Ketes, M. D. ^roafbings ai Sorhfws. AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Thirty-fifth Annual Meeting, held in Washington, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 6, 7, S, and 9, I8S4. Tuesday — First Day. Macrobid Vs Cipro The meeting was called to order in the Congregational Church, at the corner of Tenth and G Streets, at 10.30 a. m., by the chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, Dr. A. Y. P. Gaenett. After a prayer by the Rev. William A. Leonard, the chairman introduced the President of the Association, Dr. Austin Flint, of New York. An Address of Welcome was then read by Dr. Garnett. after which he announced the following Macrobid Cost List of Entertainments. — Tuesday: Reception by the President of the United States, Generic Macrobid at the Executive Mansion, from 8.30 to 10.30 p. M. ; Reception by Mr. and Mrs. L. Z. Leiter, from 9 to 11 P. M. Wednesday : Reception and Entertainment by the Medical Profession of Washington, at the National Rifles' Armory, from 9 to 12 p. m. Thursday : Illumination of the Corcoran Art Gallery, and Reception by Mr. W. W. Corcoran and the Board of Trustees, from 8 to 10 p. m. ; Reception by Commissioner and Mrs. Loring, from 9 to 11 p.m.; Reception by Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hildrup, from 9 to 11 p.m.; Reception by Chief Justice Morrison R. Waite, from 9 to 11 p. M. Friday : Reception by the Surgeon General of the Army and his Staff, at the Army Order Macrobid Medical Museum, from 8 to 11 p. m. ; Reception by the Hon. George F. Edmunds, President Macrobid Online Macrobid Vs Macrodantin pro tempore of the Senate, and the Hon. John G. Carlisle, Speaker of the House of 526 PROCEEDmOS OF SOCIETIES. [N. T. Mbd. Jocb., Representatives, at S p. m. ; Illumination of the Capitol from 8 to 10 P.M. Communications were acknowledged by the Cipro Vs Macrobid Committee of Arrangements from A. Pearce Gould, F. R. C. S., of London, and from other eminent medical men of Europe, and were or- dered on the minutes. The Registration. — The secretary read the list of registered delegates up to the time of the morning session having been oalled to order, Macrobid Generic Name the whole number being five hundred and ninety. On registering, Macrobid 50 Mg each delegate had subscribed to tbe following declaration : " In acknowledgment of having adopted the con- stitution, by-laws, and code of ethics of this body, and of my willingness to abide Macrobid Price by them, and use my endeavors to carry into effect Purchase Macrobid the objects of this association, I hereunto affix my name." Invited Gdests.— I'r. J. 11. TruNnrix, Dr. Jonas A. Macrobid For Men Mae- shall, Macrodantin Vs Macrobid Dr. GoRLET, and the members of the Medical Associa- tion of the District of Columbia were invited to seats iu the meeting. A Letter from Dr. John L. Atlee, an ex-president of the association, expressing his regret at being unable to attend the meeting, was read by the secretary and ordered on the minutes.

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