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523 lege. As the purposes to which, by the terms of the gift, the money can be applied are limited to the building and equipment of laboratories, it has devolved upon the faculty lopressor 50 mg to raise a fur- ther sum with which to purchase the lopressor 25 mg necessary land. The gift, therefore, is of no present pecuniary benefit to lopressor 12.5 the faculty, but ratlier entails an additional outlay. To meet Buy Lopressor Online this increased de- mand, the faculty, we are glad to learn, has already met with such success that it has been enabled to secure a piece of land, fifty feet wide by one hundred and Order Lopressor twenty feet deep, on Twen- ty-sixth lopressor 25mg Street, near First Avenue, on Cheap Lopressor which it will soon build the necessary structures for complete laboratory facilities for the practical Lopressor Xl study of histology, physiology, pathology, and other branches. We understand that this will be the first con- siderable building in the country devoted wholly to such pur- poses. It is a pleasure to record this addition to the resources of the college, and we will add our belief that it will be admin- istered to the greatest possible advantage. NEWS lopressor 50 lopressor 12.5 mg ITEMS, lopressor 25 ETC. luTECTions Diseases in New York. — We are indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the following statement of cases and deaths reported during the two weeks ending May 6, 1884 : Lopressor Mg DISEASES. ■Week ending April 29, lopressor 50mg Typhus Tj-phoid Fever Scarlet Fever Cerebro-spinal meningitis . . Measles . . . ., Diphtheria 103 4 87 Week ending May 6. Yellow Fevee. — The United States steamer Portsmouth, with yellow-fever patients on board, arrived at Portsmouth, N. H., OD Sunday, and anchored at the quarantine station in the lower harbor. Thirteen deaths are said to have occurred from the disease in Havana during the week ending Friday of last week. Small-pox. — Five new cases of the disease are reported to have appeared in Ashland, Pa., on the 3d inst. Our London exchanges seem to consider an epidemic impending in Great Britain. The College of Physicians axd Suegeons will hold its annual commencement Tuesday afternoon, the 13th inst, at Steinway Hall. The address to the graduating class will be de- livered by the Rev. Howard Crosby, D. D. De. Hammond's Article on Mieyaohit, which originally appeared in this journal for February IGth, and the publication of which in the "British Medical Journal" for April 19th we alluded to last week, we now find in the " Union Medicale " for April 24th — translated from an Italian journal. The " Planet." — We regret to have to announce that Buy Lopressor the publication of this monthly purchase lopressor journal has been discontinued. The editor. Dr. C. E. Nelson, asks us to express his thanks to his late associates of the medical press for tlie courtesies they have ex- tended to him, and we wish to add, for our own part, that Lopressor Online we shall miss the piquant humor that was peculiar to the "Planet." The Massachusetts General Hospital. — At a recent meet- ing of the trustees, the usual appointments were made of house officers (house physicians and surgeons, as they are called). One of the candidates was supported by a report signed by four of the Lopressor 100 Mg visiting surgeons, while the two other surgeons sent in a letter giving the reasons why they diflered with their colleagues in regard to this appointment, which reasons the trustees must have lopressor hct regarded as cogent, for they appointed the candidate rec- ommended by the minority. Soon after the appointment was announced. Dr. Henry J. Bigelow and Dr. Richard M. Hodges resigned their positions as surgeons lopressor price to the hospital. The for-

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