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blown ccphalad from the metacele, or any other coelian division caudad of the medicoramissure, the hemispheres will be coincidently expanded ; or, if it be blown into either procele, the expansion will be produced in the oppo- site hemisphere, especially near the end of the temporal lobe; if the brain be under a licjuid, and the procele be opened, the air will escape as bubbles. 2. Injection of liquid. — A colorless Antibiotics Keflex liquid serves the same purpose as air, but, if it contains colored particles in suspension, the staining of the coelian lining will enable the observer to determine the course of the liquid and the non- rupture of the parietes. 3. Injection of material capable of solidifijinfi into a cast. — As stated in Lecture II. (this journal, March 1, p. 234), wax casts of the human ca'liie were made hy Wclcker in or before 1878, when he published Keflex 250 Mg his figures (i). Prior to my acquaintance with Welcker's paper, with the aid of I'rol'essor Gage, I had made plaster casts of the coelia> of a cat and sheep, and the porta of the latter was represented on each side as Keflex Oral Suspension a narrow neck. These casts were shown at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1880, and are tigured in "Anatomical Tech- nology " (Wilder and Gage, p. 458). More recently, the coelite of the cat were injected successfully with the tliree compositions Keflex 400 Mg named in Lecture II. Mesal exposure. — This is the method usually employed, yet it is perhaps the least Keflex For Mrsa desirable, for the simple reason that the porta in man, the cat, and mammals generallv, is often nearly or quite invisible when the meson is squarely viewed. By looking obliquely, from caudad of the fnmi- columna, the porta may sometimes be seen as an interval between it and the thalamus. Removal of the mesal wall of the prcecornu. — Buy Keflex As indicated in "Anatomical Technology" (p. 456, PI. lY, Fig. 16), if the mesal wall of the prsecornu be removed by successive thin slices not quite reaching the terma and fornicolumua, then a headed bristle or a probe may be ])assed Keflex 500mg from the cornu to the aula, or in the opposite direction. Transverse sections. — If transections are made, they may be thick, excepting in the Keflex 500mg Price aulic region (nearly dorsad of the chiasma), where they should be so thin as not to include the cephalic and caudal vialls of the portal within the same slice. The best results are obtained by combining transec- tion with dissection after the plane of the porttv is nearly reached. Horizontal section of an alcoholic brain. — If either the dorsal or the ventral region of a brain be Keflex Dose removed in suc- cessive slices, there Dose Keflex will be exposed a condition of tilings more or less closely resembling what is shown in Fig. Purchase Keflex 7 (Lecture I, this journal, February 9, p. 146). The porta at each side opens from the aula Keflex Online into the corresponding pro- cele. This method is best applied when the coeliju have been alinjected. The only danger is lest the slice at that level Keflex 750 Mg be so thick as to include both the dorsal and the ven- tral limits of the porta". Lateral eiposure. — The brain is supposed to have been hardened and the coelia' alinjected. The lateral wall of Keflex Dosage the medieornu is first removed in successive slices, and its course followed by cutting obliquely until the pra^cornu also is opened. The striatum is removed with the lateral wall of the pra'cornu by an incision just laterad of its plane of junc- tion with Keflex Order the thalamus. The porta then appears as a per- fectly distinct orifice, through which Keflex Purchase a bristle mav be passed Mav 10, 18S4.] WILDER: LECTURES ON METHODS OF STUDYING THE BRAIN. 515 into the aula and diacele, and, if Keflex 1000 Mg the 500 Keflex Mg opposite side be treated in like manner, into the corresponding cella. cella postcornu Fig. 56. — Part of the Left Hemisphere of a Child One to Three Year? Old. Drawn by Professor Cleaves. The coelite were alinjected. They may have been distended somewhat by the pressure, and the contour of the parietes rendered less distinct. The pro- cele is exposed by removing the lateral wall, and the porta appears as an orifice into which projects the portiplexus ippx.). The proplexus con- tinues therefrom Order Keflex Online along the rima.

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