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F. R. Stuegis. IPrombings of Sotutbs. NEW YORK SURGICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of April 8, IS84. Robert F. Weir, M. D., President, in the ch.iir. Ligation of the Sao in Strangulated Hernia. — Dr. J. C. Hutchison reported two cases of do you need a prescription for buspar strangulated hernia who makes generic buspar in which he had operated recently. Both the patients were females. One hernia was femoral and the other a direct inguinal. After dividing the stricture and returning the contents of the sac, he sun-ounded the sac in one case with a catgut ligature and cut it off^ below. In the second case he surrounded the sac with a carbolized silk ligature and then cut it much does buspar cost without insurance off'. The first patient had recovered entirely, where can i buy buspar online and the second, still under observation, was doing well, her temperature at no time having been above 99° F. He had made no attempt to close the buspar 15 mg ring. Sarcoma of Synovial Sheaths. — Dr. T. -M. Mahkoe read a paper with this title. [See p. 467.J buspar 15 mg high After reading the paper, he referred to a case in which Dr. W. T. Bull had opened the knee joint for tlie removal of a loose cartilage. buspar generic problems The body was found imbedded in the edge of one of the synovial fringes, which floated into the wound as the turbid, bloody serum contained in the joint flowed out. The body was spherical or ovoidal in buspar 10mg pills shape, about as largo as two peas, and of a cartilaginous hardness. On April 26, 1884.J PROCEEDINOS OF SOCIETIES. 473 section, after hardening, the microscope showed the tumor to be composed of 45 mg buspar some small-round cells, many spindle cells, and a lar^e number of giant cells, marking it as a sarcoma giganto- cellulare, as Virchow termed tliese tumors, or, as they were more familiarly known, as the average cost buspar myeloid buspar generic buspirone sarcoma of Paget. The case seemed to Dr. Markoe to have an interesting analogy to those which he had related. Microscopical sections, prepared by Dr. Peabody, illustrating each of the tumors described, were then exhibited. The Peesident said that he had had the good fortune to see one of the cases which Dr. Markoe had related, and shortly afterward he had had a case which he saw at his clinic at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. A young Italian girl pre- sented herself with an obstinate broad ganglion on the dorsum of the hand, near the wrist. The patient subsequently entered the New York Hospital and was operated upon by Dr. Peters. The tumor was found to encircle the tendons, and she had been seen lately by Dr. Abbe, who reported a buspar 10mg high recurrence of the growth. Microscopically, the neoplasm was sarcomatous. FKiCTCRE OF THE NeCK OF THE Femur. — ^Dr. A. 0. PosT Said he had recently seen a case which illustrated the difficulty buspar cost australia occa- sionally encountered in the diagnosis of fracture of the neck of the femur. Two weeks before, a lady about buspar 30 mg high seventy seven years of age, a well-preserved and healthy person, fell one or two steps going down stairs, and immediately afterward was unable to walk, complaining of pain in the region of the hip, but did not send for him until the next evening. When he saw her she was lying on her back ; the affected limb appeared very slightly everted, but, on careful measurement, be could not detect any difference in the length of the two limbs. He gave a guarded diagnosis, saying that there was possibly a fracture of the neck (if the femur without separation of the fragments, and advised the patient to remain quiet. He visited her several times after- ward, and found her in about the same condition, except that she gradually grew more comfortable, was able to move about in the generic buspar price bed without much discomfort, and, after the lapse of about ten days, everything going on favorably, he nearly abandoned the idea that fracture had occurred. He therefore allowed the patient a little more liberty, such as sitting in a chair, and allowed her to move about the room a little with the aid of assistants. He had seen her in the morning of the day of the meeting, and had found her sitting on a chair and not complain- ing of pain. With his assistance and the aid of an umbrella, used as a cane, she was able to buspar 10mg tab walk very slowly across the room. This evening he received an urgent call to see her, with the statement that she had suddenly become very much worse and was suffering severe pain. When he reached her he found that there was buspar 15 mg twice day more marked eversion of the foot, and that there was shortening of the limb to the extent of about seven eighths of an inch. The account given was that, while she was sitting up, some friend called, and suggested that she raise her foot and place it in another chair, which che did, a:id was not conscious of having injured the limb, but, when she attempted to return to the bed, she immediately began to suffer from severe pain, and Dr. Post buspar available generic found the condition described, which had not ex- isted at his morning visit. He then concluded that the case was originally one of fracture of the neck of the femur witliout separation buspar 10 mg three times day of the fragments, that the fragments were held to- gether by the thick periosteum of the neck, and that probably the movement made when she raised her foot and placed it in

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