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A Weekly Review of Medicine. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 1884. PUYSICAL REST FOR THE BRAIN. Overwork of the brain in tlie way of strained betnovate face or unduly prolonged intellectual exertion and the subjection of the organ to the wearing effect of protracted anxiety and responsibility are now rated at something betnovate ointment 0.1 like their real significance as fac- tors in the train of causes that but too often, in the press of our busy lives, lead on to premature decay of mental vigor, or betnovate buy online at least to the wretched states termed "brain-exhaustion," "nervous prostration," and the like— conditions in which the brain is equal to little more than presiding over the functions of vegetative life, and is scarcely able to play even betnovate gm this re- stricted part in such a way as to maintain the normal consti- tution of the tissues. This element of cerebral hygiene, we say, has come to be generally appreciated by medical men, and is gradually forcing itself on the attention of the com- munity. But what may be termed, betnovate gm skin cream in contradistinction to functional rest for the brain, its physical rest has hitherto been limited generally to the withdrawal of sensory and emo- tional sources of irritation. A grosser sort of physical injury of the organ, even mechanical in its nature, has lately been pointed out by M. Luys. According to the " Progres medical," this distinguished ob- server read a paper at a recent meeting of the Paris Academie de Medecine, on what he termed the " locomobility " of the brain according to different attitudes of the body. Surrounded as it is within the cranial cavity by an empty space, says M. Luys, the cerebral mass is betnovate scalp application subject to displacements of greater or betnovate online less degree, as well under the influence of changes in the bodily attitude as under that of the heart's contraction. Let a man lie down or stand np, and the brain obeys the law of gravitation; in the one case the occipital end of the organ comes into contact with the bony support, leaving an empty space in front, while in the other the void occurs at the oc- cipital betnovate scalp lotion region, the whole frontal portion being occupied by the anterior lobes. The movements of the brain involved in these changes of its position are of a gliding nature, by virtue of the lubricated surface of the araclmoid, and they are per- formed slowly and progressively, so that it would take five or six minutes for the displaced parts to return to their former situation. Reasoning from these anatomical data, M. Luys draws im- portant deductions as to cerebral action, both normal and patho- logical. By the sudden ischasmia produced by the changes of position he explains the derangements that are so common in convalescents, and the sense of dizziness or confusion that re- sults from suddenly assuming the erect posture after lying down. It is thought not improbable, indeed, that the extreme psuns of meningitis may be due to betnovate cream 0.1 the roughening of the af- fected membrane opposing an impediment to the physiological gliding of the brain ; and it is suggested that the attacks of giddiness, and even betnovate scalp solution of apoplexy, which take betnovate c place in the sub- jects of heart disease when they rise from the horizontal pos- ture may be owing in great part to these changes in the posi- tion of the organ. The same influence is invoked, too, to explain the varying moods of the insane — their special intrac- tability while lying down at night, and their calmness in the sitting posture. All sorts of commotion, repeated shocks, the jarring of a buy betnovate cream online railway train, are thus capable of acting injuri- ously on the cerebral mass, and all the more so in the aged, especially in those whose brains have already suffered damage. As a practical application of these views, M. Luys advises against travel continued for more than a day at betnovate c ointment a time, and insists that the due period of rest in the horizontal posture should not be neglected. It is true that, at the succeeding meeting of the Academy, M. Colin, of Alfort, brought several objections against the con- clusions drawn by M. betnovate n Luys, chiefly that they were based upon experiments on the cadaver, in which the conditions were dif- ferent, and that an opening was necessarily made in the dura mater, whereby, in all probability, filaments were sundered that ran from this membrane to the arachnoid and served to cbeck the movements of the brain ; adding also that the venous sinuses were empty, and therefore could not perform the cush- ion-like oflice that pertained to them during life. To these criticisms betnovate c cream M. Lnys retorted that M. Colin's experiments had been performed on the lower animals, in which the conditions of the encephalic mass were quite different from what obtained in the human subject, owing to the diverse configuration of the cerebro-spinal axis. He stated, too, that he had taken pains to guard against error in regard to the sustentative action of the vessels by injecting them with a material that would solidify and buy betnovate cream give them the caliber proper to them during life. M. B6clard gave notice that he would speak on the subject at betnovate for acne the next meeting, and it will be interesting to observe what further facts may be brought out bearing on the question. THE SENSES— FIVE OR SEVEX ? The old hint tliat " there are more things in heaven betnovate skin cream and earth than are dre.imt of in our philosophy " is one that can never long escape the inquiring mind. In its present state, sci- ence is overlapped by speculation at many points, and a sugges- tion having its root in the imagination betnovate n cream often points to a line of research that leads to demonstration. Questions bringing up these reflections are dealt with by Dr. Willinm M. McLaury, of

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